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Introducing the MobileAndGo

MobileAndGo is a cloud based sms platform that’s optimized for high volume messaging with all the tracking, automation, segmentation, and data management features you need to maximize the profitability of your campaigns.


Deliver high volume sms campaigns to your lists by sending broadcasts and automated drip messages. Connects to multiple sms providers to give you the flexibility you need.


View reporting on all the different aspects of your sms marketing campaigns. Including detailed stats on broadcasts, drip messages, providers, messages, offers, domains and carriers


Optimize your delivery by automatically disabling phone numbers, messages and domains that aren’t performing to maximize the response rate and profitability of your campaigns.

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All The Features You Need To
Automate And Optimize Your SMS Marketing

High Volume SMS Broadcasting

- Broadcast and drip message queues that are optimized to send high volume, while maintaining delivery with each carrier.
Rotate multiple sms providers and have full control over sending rates and limits on each phone number you’re sending from.

-Send messages using long code, short code and toll free numbers.

-Automatically optimize phone numbers based on their response rate.

-Create groups of messages that automatically rotate while you’re sending.

-Automatically purchase and replace domains while sending messages.

-Easily segment messages by carrier, gender, ethnicity, and location.

-View broadcast queue and history with stats on all messages.
Schedule broadcasts for future dates and times

Manage your data with lists and segments

- Create as many lists as you need for your data sources.

- Upload data files to your lists and automatically map fields.
Incoming and outgoing data APIs that connect to your lists.

-Automatically determine the mobile carrier when importing data.

-Automatically determine the timezone when importing data.

-Automatically scrub against your suppression, DNC, and litigator lists.

-Automatically segment data based on the actions people take on your messages (Sent, Replies, Clickers, Leads, Partials and Conversions)

-Broadcast your lists based on individual file uploads, date ranges, or data ranges so you never need to manually break up your files again.

Automate message campaigns

 -Attach campaigns to your lists and list segments to completely automate your sending.
campaigns include the same features as broadcasting

-Rotating Providers

-Rotating Messages

-Auto-replacing Domains

-Segmenting data by carrier, gender, ethnicity, and location so you can optimize the messages you’re sending based on the lead.

-View stats for each message inside the drip campaigns

-View drip message queue and history with stats on all messages.

Detailed tracking and Analytics

 -Detailed message tracking includes sent, replies, clicks, leads, partials, and conversions on all of your SMS campaigns.

-Broadcast Tracking

-Campaign Tracking

-List Tracking

-List Segment Tracking

-Data Revshare Tracking

-Carrier Tracking

-Provider Tracking

-Message Tracking

-Domain Tracking


Pricing Based On Your Needs

Prices based on your needs

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Minimum Per Month

Starting At $0.007 Per Message

Toll Free:
Starting At $0.01 Per Message

Short Code:
Starting At $0.01 Per Message

Additional Services

Long Code Number Rental
Starting At $0.50 Per Month

Toll Free Number Rental
Starting At $0.50 Per Month

Dedicated Shortcode Rental
$1,000 Per Month with $1,000 One-Time Setup Fee

Mobile Carrier Data Verification
Starting At $0.0002 Per Record

Connect Your Own SMS Provider
Starting At $0.002 Per Message

Private Account Management
Starting At $2,000 Per Month


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